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Custom Suit Lining

Bespoke Suit Lining

The Lining are made of natural and synthetic materials. The Purpose of The fully lined suit jacket is to sit smoother upon the body, reducing any crinkles or catch on your dress shirt,  protect the garment and hides the inner construction elements of the finished garment. A well Lined jacket add weight, make it warmer, removes moisture from the body and it is much easier to put on.

Lining fabrics can be made from a variety of different materials, from the finest silk to the cheapest polyester. The high end bespoke tailors and companies use silk lining which is synonymous with luxury and very expensive. Silk a natural fibre that is cool in summer yet warm in winter.

Bemberg Silk is a man-made fibre, it contains only natural raw products is made using wood fibre and cotton byproducts, and as such it is extremely durable and offers the same breathable property of many natural fibres. Bemberg is a high quality material that is less costly than natural silk, but more expensive than other synthetics.

Linings made from polyester last long, but do not breathe well. We primarily work with cupro, viscose and Bemberg Silk instead, which are high-quality synthetics, durable and very comfortable to wear.

Lining doesn’t stop at suit jackets; in fact, you’ll find it in trousers as commonly. Trousers are usually lined to above the knee, which allows for freer movement and reduces friction, which can irritate the skin and pull on leg hair.

Personalize Your Suit Jacket Lining

We can create Bespoke Custom Jacket Linings from image, painting or design entirely as per your choice to graciously line your jacket. We use silk or Cupro as a canvas ensures we can create linings with exceptional detail to create truly one of a kind products. By using a customized lining, you can create something truly unique and meaningful.     

Because you want to look great; you want to be noticed, stand out from the crowd and stand out in the crowd with your custom, bespoke suit lining or jacket lining. Let Nijeekrt provide linings that set you apart, using your own choice of design or one of our distinctive styles that turn an ordinary suit or jacket into a brilliant suit or jacket?

We supply custom lining to individuals, MTM and bespoke companies all over the world, we provide formal to informal bespoke linings that our customers and clients want.

We help you stand out through amazingly sharp digitally printed linings on silk, cupro, bemberg, polyester viscose blends and can print any design you as per your wish. The fabrics we use offer superior wash and rub fastness, along with excellent comfort to the skin due to the reactive inks we use.

Nijeekrt Lining is our invisible hero.