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Importance Of Name

Name –It is something we get when we are born and lasts even after we are gone.

It is the simplest way of distinguishing one human being from another. In most cases, the combination of name and surname grants the human being with a unique identity. Names have become so crucial, that to-be parents take months of research to give their baby a distinct name. It is the first present that we receive from our parents and families. A name is like a brand which the parents create, own and yet gift to their future generation. Imagine that there is a central record keeping authority in the world, which may give unique identity numbers to each new born baby and we identify each of them with their numbers rather than names. Sounds hilarious, doesn’t it?

Coming to surname, it is a family name that a child inherits the minute he or she is conceived. Universally, it is also known as the last name as it is placed right in the end. The surname can be a family name inherited from the father, mother or both. Surnames are the easiest way to connect legally to the parents and extended family members. A family tree is a symbolic representation of the lineage of a particular family that shows all the descendants of a clan.

It is not uncommon to find that surnames have some deep-rooted meanings. The surname could have come from the occupation the family was involved in like Merchant. Engineer, Potter, Darzi etc. or it could have come from their place of origin like Punjabi or Washington. Surnames can also be based on titles held by the family members (like Begum, Zamindar, and Thakur). Surnames have different connotations in India..For instance, many communities use their father’s or husband’s first name as their surname.

A person’s identity may differ from their name; but most commonly we use them interchangeably. Identity is created using multiple facets of your life and personality. Your name may or may not give us a sneak peak of how you really are? If we wish to identify or introduce ourselves, the easiest way to start is by giving the other person your name and surname. For instance, “Good Morning, this is Ajay Mehta here, May I please speak to Akash Verma?

Until now all we have discussed is the societal or legal names, but most people are addressed using a distinct name that is not documented anywhere. These names are used only with those with whom we share a degree of closeness and intimacy. These are nothing but nicknames. These names can be a shortened version of the first name (like Rob for Robert) or something totally disconnected (like Raju, Guddu, Bablu etc.). Nicknames are also kept to pull someone’s leg. For instance a tall man maybe called ‘Shorty’ by his friends, just for fun!

Many people may be unable to write but definitely learn to sign. A name can be common to two or more persons, but signatures are exclusive and unique. There is no legal code of conduct which can state what a signature should or should not contain. It is the signer’s choice as to how he signs and beautifies it. Apart from the alphabets of their names and / or surnames, signatures may contain curved lines, straight lines, dots etc. Signatures provide testimony and authenticity to a document. That is exactly why people are asked to sign if they wish to authenticate a document or process like sign a cheque.

Different communities and religions have different ways of naming a child. Most Hindus ask a priest for the first ‘akshara’ or alphabet for the baby’s name based on his or her date, time and place of birth. Then an elder in the family whispers the name in the baby’s ear before announcing it to the family. In Muslims, the father or an elder whispers the Azaan in the baby’s ear, rubs date juice on the baby’s gums and announce the name. In Catholics, there is an official Christening Ceremony where the child is given a legal name after being blessed by a priest in the Church.

There are numerous reasons as to why people love or should love their name. It could be as simple as the name being meaningful or sounding pretty. But there are other reasons too. It can be a great way to start a conversation. One may share the same with a celebrity or a historical figure. It is equally exciting to see a TV or film character that shares your name. You have a broad smile when you meet a namesake.

If names are such an essential part of our culture and society then why don’t we help them etch in memory forever? Not on a boring document but on something that is artistic and beautiful? Like a jewellery piece? Gift them or yourself something that will belong totally and unequivocally only to them? Would you like someone to wear their name on their neck in form of a pendant? Or imprint your name along with your loved ones’ on a necklace? Wish to get more adventurous, wear a ring that bears the name of you and your partner? Won’t you like to flaunt your name or your beloved’s on your wrist?

We understand the importance of your name and also understand why you love it so much. And we help you personalize them onto a tangible token of your love. At Nijeekrt, we have launched PERSONALYZE that brings to you, for the first time ever, personalized name and monogram jewellery. Show the world how much you love your name by exhibiting it in the blingy way! Make your name jewelry as unique as you are. Start a new trend and be known as the trendsetter.