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Personalized Pinstripes Name Woven Suit Fabric

Personalized Pinstripes Name Woven Suit Fabric

Nijeekrt Personalized Pinstripes Suit Fabric

Name Woven into the pinstripes of the Suit Fabric, this personalized pinstripe fabric is part of Nijeekrt collection.

The Fabric would take around three months to weave three-piece suit fabric, accordingly to cloth manufacturer Nijeekrt, which make the bespoke pinstripe personalized name suit fabric. This personalized name woven fabric is popular with high profile names, clients included royalty and captains of Industry, as well as champions of sports, movies and TV stars.

We make fabric on behalf of bespoke tailors from all over the world. We do names in spaces as narrow as 2 mm wide, so small, which even from close-up one might not realize the wearer name details. The company can weave a name into a fabric; the pinstripes can be the name of the individual, company, slogan or motif. These days for wedding the name of bride and groom is woven into the wedding suits. It takes about two and half to three months to get the bespoke fabric done.

We supply the finest luxury cloths to the top end of the markets, bespoke tailors and couturiers throughout the world at most affordable prices.

Everybody likes to be known, appreciated, so it becomes important to create an identity for oneself. Business strategies have now reached a phenomenal point through this intriguing new idea for your business suit putting your name in Pinstripes. It is a smart way of setting an identity for yourself by personalizing your suit’s pinstripes using family names, company slogan, message or logos. It is a great touch, having something so personal made. From distance, the suit looks like a regular plain old pinstriped suit; it is only when you get close than you can make out that fabric pinstripes woven into letters. We should expect a new revolution in the Company uniforms and business apparels.

In the glamorous and dynamic sphere of world leader fashion, one man rules them all: Narendra Modi. Like a supermodel, the Indian prime minister sedate suit, worn to host a lunch for Barack Obama during the US president’s three-day visit to India, which seems to have made the biggest impact. When Obama and Modi were hugging, Obama is probably noticing it for the first time that Modi wearing a pinstripe suit, but in the stripes are actually letters repeatedly spelling out Modi’s name.

The recent trend was set on the political world stage in 2011 by noted style trailblazer, the ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. However, the concept goes even further back. A piece in Fortune magazine in 1999 mentions one personalised pinstriped suit owned by the former Argentine president Carlos Menem, and the boxer Evander Holyfield who has “four suits that read, respectively, EVANDER HOLYFIELD, THE CHAMP, THE CHAMP ONE MORE TIME, and THE THREE-TIME CHAMP.”

The hype created surrounding the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, one of the highlights of the promotional tour was this custom pinstripe suit worn by McGregor. The 3-piece outfit looks from afar as if it's a simple pinstripe, but the stripes themselves spell out the words "F*ck You" in vertical repeat — an aggressive stance perfectly fitted for McGregor's personality.

A car dealer in Tennessee bought one to wear in his TV ads, but when he found that the pinstriped message (STRAIGHT TALK, STRAIGHT FROM THE BOSS) was not visible to viewers at home, he ordered a second suit with letters a quarter-inch high.

Soon we will introduce fabric for your sofa. Call your decorator, and be first on your block with a sofa that says KEEP YOUR FEET OFF THE FURNITURE.

Be the first to order wedding suits for guest with words as BETIWALE or LADKIWALA or LADKEWALA.

NaMo wears a suit with his name on it; a suit pinstriped with your own name can be intricately woven into the fabric. Fashion designers say the finesse with which name features in the fabric requires special technique, and that the fabric is most likely hand-woven, we customised suit fabric with your full name written in pinstripes. Wearing a pinstripe suit from bespoke fabric, pinstripes can also be the name of a company’s name or logo, Personalized Pinstripe Suit Worn by Narendra Modi, PM Modi's pinstripe suit fabric come from of Holland & Sherry of Savile Row Signature Collection, Sometimes for weddings the names of the bride and groom are woven into the suit length, Personalized Pinstripes, name written in the pinstripes, Personalised pinstripe suit. It's a very fine jacquard technique of weaving and It is not embroidery, and its cost would be dependent on the fibre and technique The name can so intricately woven that it look like pinstripes. This personalised textile is the in thing. 


Name is very important because, It is the simplest way of distinguishing one human being from another and Name is something we get when we are born and lasts even after we are gone. There are numerous reasons as to why people love or should love their name.
Nijeekrt understand the importance of your name and also understand why you love it so much.  We have launched PERSONALYZE that brings to you, for the first time ever, Personalized Name and Monogram Jewelry in India. Now you can show the world how much you love your name by wearing in form of necklace, pendant, bracelet, earring or ring and make your name jewellery as unique as you are. Start a new trend and be known as the trendsetter.
Nijeekrt Name Necklaces, Personalized Necklaces and Personalized Name jewelry, Custom Monogram and Name Jewellery are handmade from your name in your own language. You can design your own Name Jewelry which includes pendants, lockets, charms, bars, plates, Halsband, Collan, Halskette, Pendant, Riviere, Carcanet, Lavaliere, Ornament, Necklace, Charms, Chain, Lockets, String, Choker, Haar Necklace, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Ear Studs, Anklets, 3D Key chains / Rings, Cufflinks, Tie Clips / Pins / Bars, Brooches, Bangles and Pearl Costume Jewelry customized from your name, initials, alphabets, letters, numbers, dates or meaningful phrases.
Each piece we create is a work of art—hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care. All of our items are handmade in Nijeekrt New Delhi Studio, making our custom name jewelry true special piece created just for you!
Our desire is to create simple, meaningful personalize Name Jewelry which is worldwide known as Joieria, Bijoux, Schmuck, Gioielli, Joaillerie, Yuvelirnyyeiz deliya, Joyeria, Korut, Jewelry, Jewellery, Abhushan, Shoushi, Taki, Mujawharat, Juwele, Alahas, Perhiasan, Joya Joia, Jewlr and Joolry.
Personalized Name and Monogram Jewelry we can craft in any language of your choice like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Kashmiri, Nepali, Odia, Chinese, Spanish, English, French,  Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Malay, Korean, Javanese and German.
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You can order our personalized jewelry at our www.nijeekrt.com or on our re-seller’s website or at gift shops in your city. We offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE (International free shipping is by registered India post). Nijeekrt is offering worldwide Reseller Program to sell our Personalized Name Jewelry and Engraved Jewelry on your website or at your physical Gift or Jewelry shop, for more details Mail us at [email protected] .

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