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Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts

Personalised Newborn Baby Gifts

It's a magical experience to shop for unique baby gifts. It can fill your heart with excitement and joy as you look for newborn baby gifts. Certainly, you can't explain the feeling you have as you look and touch the little one and of course, you definitely want the best gift for the baby. The great feature of personalized newborn baby gifts is the fact that you control the design that is included in the gift item. Here are some ideas for Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts:

Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts for your loved ones

  • Personalised name jewelry- Personalised jewelry is a popular and all time favourite newborn baby gift that you can look into. Consider buying a name pendant, personalized name necklace or a name bracelet, engraved with the little angel’s name.
  • Monogram jewelry- Monogram jewelry would be beautiful newborn baby gifts that you can give to a newborn baby. They are unique and certainly will be loved by the newborn baby’s family as well. You can also consider 3D monogram jewellery.
  • Initials jewelry- Jewelry is a typical newborn baby gift, but of course to make it unique, you must go with personalized ones. You can put the initials of the baby on the jewelry to make it even better. Gifting initials charms from Nijeekrt is also a great idea.

While buying jewelry online is definitely convenient, it is also more affordable. Also, when shopping online, it is a lot easier to find unisex items. While you certainly can find unisex jewelry in your local market, it can be very tiring to find it. When shopping over the internet, however, all you need to do is to narrow down your search to unisex jewelry.

Customised Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts from Nijeekrt

In order to find the best jewelry online, you can visit Nijeekrt and can browse their collection. You will get all the variety in one place. You can order your personalized jewelry in any metal of your choice.  Make your online jewelry buying experience safer and more fun with Nijeekrt. Whats more, you can also design your own initials jewellery. We will create it in the way you want it


Custom Suit Fabric | Printed Fancy & Jacquard Linings | Personalized Accessories

Name is very important because, It is the simplest way of distinguishing one human being from another and Name is something we get when we are born and lasts even after we are gone. There are numerous reasons as to why people love or should love their name.


Nijeekrt understand the importance of your name and also understand why you love it so much. We have launched Nijeekrt Personalyze that brings to you, for the first time ever, personalized name woven fabric in India. We personalize the pinstripes of cloth by weaving it with letters of your name or message into different base luxury fabrics like Super 120s, Custom Poly Wool and Poly Viscose at affordable prices. Now you can show the world how much you love your name by wearing bespoke or made to measure tailored suit stitched from custom fabric woven with your name.


The ultimate personalization of any suit is when the lining fabric is made exclusively for you. If you are looking for really unique suit, let us create a custom lining for your new suit.


All you have to do is to send us your own photo, family picture, engagement images, wedding images, pre-wedding shoots, company logo or your favorite sports team logo and other unlimited possibilities. Our designer will help you create a design for your lining that will really speak with your soul. We can integrate a custom lining with endless possibilities. You can showcase all your special moments digitally printed on finest custom lining fabric of your choice.


We carry top of the line blends including bemberg cupro, acetate, silk, cotton, viscose and polyester in jacquard as well as print and stretch qualities. Our luxurious linings are ready to compliment your finest suit or jacket.


Add class and style to your blazer, suit jacket, or sport coat with fully personalized suit buttons which will be truly unique and perfectly made with your initials, name, surname or monogram. You can order min 6 pieces each design, size and color. These personalized blazer button set makes a fantastic gift for anniversary, wedding, groom, or gift for any special occasion.


Now you can show the world how much you love your name by wearing in form of necklace, pendant, bracelet, earring, ring, brooch, cufflinks or tie clips, and make your name jewellery and accessories as unique as you are. All of our items are handmade in Nijeekrt Studio, making our custom name jewelry true special piece created just for you!


We offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE (International free shipping is by registered India post). Nijeekrt is offering worldwide Reseller Program to sell our Personalized Name Jewelry and Engraved Jewelry on your website or at your physical Gift or Jewelry shop, for more details contact us.

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