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Who We Are

Who are we?
Nijeekrt an upscale luxury brand have taken personalization and customization to completely new level by giving customers greater freedom to express themselves to create incredible personalized products around their needs like custom name letters woven suit fabric, bespoke jacquard logo and digital printed lining fabrics, personalized suit buttons, cufflinks and other accessories. We manufacture for high profile individuals, bespoke tailors, made to measure tailoring companies and couturiers throughout the world.

What do we do?
On demand manufacturing and customization allows you to always be in style trend and show off your personality in a meaningful way

Nijeekrt Name Woven Signature Suit Fabrics

We believe a good quality suit fabric is, in itself a piece of art, when it comes to custom and bespoke menswear, the quality of the fabric counts. We are creating the ultimate statement of your personality by personalizing the pinstripe of the suit cloth with letters of your name, your company name or any message, Our personalized suiting fabric stands up to the highest quality and standards and available in super 120's with merino wool, Poly Wool and Poly Viscose in Navy Blue, Black and Grey color and the stripe can be woven in a variety of different colors. MOQ is 5 meters each name

Jacquard Custom Logo Lining Fabrics

Brand Name Logo Lining Fabrics woven exclusively for fashion designers, bespoke tailors, made to measure and ready to wear tailoring companies woven from your brand name, logo or theme in any color of your choice. MOQ is 500 – 1000 meters each design / color.


Fancy Digital Printed Suit Lining Fabrics

The ultimate personalization of any suit is when the lining fabric is made exclusively for your customers. If you want to offer really unique bespoke suit to your customers than let us create a custom lining fabrics for you. We can integrate a custom lining with endless possibilities. MOQ is 50 meters each design / color.


Personalized Suit Lining Fabrics
We offer personalized suit lining fabric digitally printed from your own photo, family picture, engagement images, wedding images, pre-wedding shoots, company logo or your favorite sports team logo or any other images of your choice, All you have to do is to send us your images and then our designer will create a design for your lining that will really speak with your soul. You can showcase all your special moments digitally printed on finest personalized lining fabric of your choice. MOQ 2 meters.


Personalized Suit Buttons, Cufflinks & other Accessories

Add class and style to your blazer, suit jacket, or sport coat with fully personalized suit buttons which will be truly unique and perfectly made with your initials, name, surname or monogram. You can order min 6 pieces each design, size and color. We also personalize cufflinks, tie clips, brooches and key chains, MOQ single pair or piece. These personalized blazers button set and other accessories make a fantastic gift for anniversary, wedding, groom, or gift for any special occasion.


Printed Pocket Squares
We offer custom digital printed pocket squares in silk, linen, cotton, wool, tweed, viscose, polyester and recycled fabrics.


Printed Suits & Blazers
We offer digital printed suits, blazers, waistcoats and sports jacquard in custom designs.


Our Customers
We manufacture mainly for high profile individuals, corporate, celebrities, couturiers, clothing designers, business wear, and bespoke tailors, made to measure and ready to wear tailoring companies throughout the world. 

Our customer base is spread wide across India and overseas which include wholesalers, exporters and retailers as well who certainly are adding up to the increasing number of end users. Our customers are not just fashion conscious individuals, but ones who comprehends the value of quality and seek uniqueness to style themselves up.

Our e-commerce portal – www.nijeekrt.com is designed with a user friendly interface that offers in-depth information about the products and hassle free shopping experience. You can have the products tailor-made at every level.

Personalized Suit Fabric, Linings and Accessories can be ordered for yourself, your parents, hubby, friends, and family members. They are the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasions.


Our Vision

  1. 1. We envision a world where our personalized and customized product range is not just a piece of fabric or metal worn to match up with the attire, but it adds value to the overall appearance and the persona of the person adorning it and adds a grace, makes a style statement, speak of what the person really is.

Our Mission?

  1. 1. We aim towards evolving as a number one brand in the personalized and customized fabric and accessories segment, not just in India but at an international level.
  2. 2. Our mission is to create and offer the finest and high quality, in-trend personalized fabric and accessories at affordable prices.
  3. 3. To continually embrace emerging technologies and deploy them to create masterpieces for our customers. 
  4. 4. Customer satisfaction and fostering long term loyalty are the key drivers; we aim at providing a secure and satisfying online shopping experience to our customers.
  5. 5. Through our wide range of quality products and partnership programs, we intend to welcome every individual with entrepreneurial streak to join the Nijeekrt family and be a partner in our progress.

Our Values
Innovation, Exceptional Craftsmanship, Quality, Trust and Excellent Customer Service are the pillars that make our foundation strong with each passing day. It’s not just in words, but our every product and conduct resonates these attributes. We are committed towards our goal of delivering higher quality products in the personalized and customized segment with promptness and take pride in our values of customer satisfaction.